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Oct 28, 2018

Do you have a young tennis player that tends to implode after a couple of double faults on the tennis court?

In this week's tennis psychology podcast, mental game of tennis expert, Dr. Patrick Cohn answers a questions from a tennis parent.

Ramona wrote in and said:

"My son is 11 years old. He's been playing tennis since he was 5. He's a top player in India in the 12 and unders. At times he has a couple of double faults in a row. The body language gets really bad and he's in tears after a couple of double faults. However, when is first serve is spot on, the rest of the game will pick up. I'm assuming that the state of mind determines whether you'll have a good serve or not."

Yes, your state of mind is going to affect your entire tennis game whether it is your serve or ground strokes or your return or volleys.

The mindset that you take to the court and that you maintain on the court is going to be extremely important...

Listen to this month's tennis psychology podcast to learn what mental game tips Dr. Cohn gives to sports parents about how they can help their young athletes overcome double faults and remain composed.

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